Sunday, January 01, 2012

Mission Statement

Dear friends, fans, and followers,

Please check back this November for our last fandom fundraiser supporting ALSF.

In the meantime, you can find out more about Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s by visiting


  1. This is an amazing idea! I've already mentioned it to a few fic writers that I know have a pretty big following! This would be amazing. If everyone just donated $1, we'd raise a ridiculous amount of money!

  2. I've seen children with cancer and there isn't anything else in this world that has touched me as much as that; to see how optomistic they are, even in their conditions. I'll gladly help. And I agree, if everyone could donate just a dollar, we'd surpass any expectations!

  3. I'm a childhood cancer survivor (going on 20 years) but the ramifications of it effect me everyday. ALSF is working to help develop more treatments and treatments that are tumor specific so that other kids won't lose legs (like I did) or suffer irreversable heart damage (like I did) or suffer from infertility for something that is used to cure them.

    Glad to be part of a giving fandom.

  4. Hi Girls, A wonderful wonderful idea of course!! I am happy to try to donate, not sure how the exchange rate goes...was just Alex's Lemonade only US recognised or do they have worldwide affiliates (i.e. Australia!!)

  5. Thank you ladies for showing this community what a group of empowered, intelligent women are capable of. Thank you for making me proud to be involved.

  6. Ladies - I am so proud and happy to participate in Twilight Fandom gives back! I made my donation this morning - and as I did, my thoughts were with the three of you and how easy it was to feel that your creativity is worth so much - I was honored to donate on behalf of TFGB. My 16-year old daughter has been a survivor since her successful bone marrow transplant at age 5, so this cause is especially close to my heart. Added your AVI to my blog too...

    The Cougar's Den

    Thank you for being a voice for Alex!

    Mama Cougar


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